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Tanner Dykema


When I was meditating I was in my room, sitting on my bed. I had my hands on my knees for most the time. I was thinking about a variety of subjects. The first of which was how much God blesses me day after day. Not just for life and school and family, not that typical, boring stuff, but more stuff people don’t even think to thank God for such as bugs and the water cycle. My mind was sort of just running around and I was thinking of a lot of stuff and all of it was something that God made for a reason. I even thanked him for mosquitoes(even though I don’t really understand why they exist. I understand for the food chain, but other bugs produce the same reason.) Anyways, this was most of the meditation, but afterwards I prayed for my life and that God would give me wisdom and that any trials that I was about to encounter that he would be with me. It was a cool experience, meditating, and I really felt close to God. It was a very sincere prayer which was a very fascinating experience.


Gabe Lyons: January Series Response

In this video Gabe Lyons primary theme is that Christianity’s image has been changing. He said that to people that are not Christians, they have impressions on the religions. Some of these impressions are that Christians are antihomosexual, judgemental, and hypocritical. This proves to be a problem as how can the religion expect to spread when people are not open to exploring it because of what they think it stands for. Another very common perspective is that being a Christian is a title, similar to being an American or something of that nature. The perspective main problem is that people believe that Christianity, even though it is a religion, isn’t truly serious and you can call yourself a Christian and do whatever you want. In response to this Gabe challenged us and said that we are called to show how Christianity is different than what people think it is. He said that God is giving us a challenge and that he wants us to spread his word. I think that a very good way to follow through with what Gabe Lyons called us to do is what the people from ‘Father of Lights’ did. They went out to a foreign country, to people that they did not know, and they attempted (and succeeded  to help them in anyway that they could. I think that these two videos can be related in that way; that they both call all Christians to show how powerful and mighty God can be and to show people that true Christians, not the hypocrites, can be great people.

Movie Questions

What was challenging or could be challenging to you about this film?

For me it would be very difficult to approach people and attempt to talk to them about my faith and how it is the only path to salvation. I know it to be true, but it would be really challenging to go up to random people and offer healing and prayers.

What did this movie reveal to you about the character of God?

This movie really emphasized that God can see everyone’s lives and has a plan for every individual person on Earth. That is what was revealed to me, especially the story about the gang member guy who used to do gun shootings, but now is converted. Goes to show that God has a plan for everyone, no matter how strange it may seem to you at the time.

Did the movie address any “misconceptions” you have/ had about God?

The movie addressed a common misconception that God is mad at humanity. They showed this many times including on Venice Beach when Darren(I believe) approached the men who were proclaiming the people as sinners going to hell. Another example was when they were on the street and with the microphone the guy said that “God is not mad, he is happy!”

How would you describe the Evangelism Strategy or Heart of Evangelism in the film?

 I would describe it as a bunch of normal guys who are Christians doing, as they say, “spreading God’s love.” The guy with the dreads, Tony, I think, went around healing people of their sickness and injuries simply because the love of God and he wanted to demonstrate God to those people(and the people spectating). I think that they were trying to show the ‘Heart of Evangelism’ with love and God’s good will.

What story stuck with you the most?

 The story that stuck out to me the most was the guy who had a bank vice presidency job and quit to go build the orphanage in Asia. It was a blind chase and they dropped everything that they had to follow God and it payed off big time as they have affected more kids lives then people they would have impacted in America. Also, they probably feel better about themselves and they are much, much closer to God through moving.

What would you like to do differently after seeing this film?

I really don’t know. I think that if I want to take one point from the movie, the producers would want it to be spread the love of God. I think I do that well, however I could do that better than what I do right now.

New Paganism

Describe God:

There are five beliefs and they are as followed:

  • Atheism: There is no god.
  • Humanism: Everyone is their own god.
  • Polytheism: Many gods.
  • Theism: One transcending god
  • Pantheism: One immanent god

How did the faith come to be?

The joining of humanism, polytheism, and pantheism.

What are core components of this faith?

  • To build heaven on Earth 
  • Absolute morality
  • Supernatural beings

Who is Jesus?

A person.

What is something faith has in common with Christianity?

Both attempt to bring good to Earth.

What are a few differences between this faith and Christianity?

They simply object God, deny existence of hell as well as deny God’s transcendence. 


This religion sounds a lot like atheism or a more advanced version of the faith. It really says that we are just here, that’s all we know and that’s all that there is. This religion is hard for me to relate to simply because I haven’t really discussed religion with people outside of my school and church(who are all Christians). This seems like it would be followed a lot though, for the people that don’t have any faith in a God or creator etc.



Tanner Dykema

November  1, 2012

Describe God:

There is no God, there is only non-creator deities.

How did this faith come to be?

Buddhism was founded by Gautama Buddha in India.

What are core components of this faith?

  • Desire leads to suffering
  • Reincarnation

Who is Jesus?

Buddhism acknowlegdes he was a good man.

What is something this faith has in common with Christianity?

Both contain the belief their founder was born of a virgin.

What are a few differences between this faith and Christianity?

  • Jesus’ second coming
  • Reincarnation replaced by the afterlife
  • Buddha claimed he was a man, Jesus claimed he was the son of God
  • Buddhism allows following of more than one religion, whereas Christianity does not.

Art Prize

Art Museum
Favorite piece: City Band, I liked this piece because it was drawn with pencil and I like pencil drawings. I also liked it because it reminded me of the winner from 2010, ‘Cavalry, American Officers, 1921.
Least Favorite Piece: wouldve couldve shouldve, I didn’t like this piece because I didn’t understand it. It’s just two necklaces, hanging on a wall
Honorable Mention: Sojourn, really cool piece, just not better than City Band.

Favorite piece: Anxiety, I liked this piece because of how creative and unique it is. No one would ever expect that a paper bag tunnel is a lot cooler than it sounds.
Least Favorite Piece: Song of Lift, I didn’t like it because I expected more since everyone was surrounding it and it isn’t really anything more than a machine.

Van Andel Museum
Favorite piece: Bird Feeder. I love eagles. If I could be any animal it would be an eagle. Really cool piece and had a lot of detail, especially in the feathers. Oh, and the fact that it was made with silverware was really awesome.
Least Favorite Piece: None. Note: Did you mean the pieces at the Van Andel? There is only two and I enjoyed them both. If you didn’t mean at the Van Andel, and you meant somewhere else, well, I don’t believe that me and my group went there. We must’ve went right past it.

Favorite piece: I believe the piece was called Heavy Metal Rock Band, I liked this piece because it was a band of people, made by scraps of metal. Really creative, and reminded me of something that you would see in a videogame or something.
Least Favorite Piece: It’s hard to choose especially considering the fact that I really liked all the pieces at the BOB, but I suppose my least favorite would have to be Eye Contact, simply because it looks like it was fairly easy to do and wasn’t worked on as hard as the other pieces.

1. My definition of art would be applying skills, talents, and imagination to create something.
2. a. Probably Song of Lift, but I really don’t know. Song of Lift seems like it has meaning behind it. Maybe the opera has something within it’s lyrics.
b. It didn’t. Sorry to disappoint, but it really did nothing to me. I’m the exact same now as I was before I saw Song of Lift.

Theology Blog Post 1

1.Which moral philosophy makes the most sense to you of the ones that we have covered?  Can you see any downsides for yourself in following this philosophy?  What about the whole culture?

The moral philosophy that made the most sense to me was the concept of utilitarianism. It explains what is the most morally right is what makes the most people happy. That makes the most sense to me because it is able to be used in almost all situations. Also, with this concept God can still be proven to be absolute truth. Everything God does is for the most people to be happy, which is why there had to be sacrifices. I also think that this can be put into today’s society very well. For example, when Osama Bin Laden was murdered by America. This was for the greater good, therefore it was morally right. The only problem with this philosophy is choosing what actually was the best decision and what did cause the most happiness, but that’s why we are human and not perfect…also known as absolute truth.


2.  What philosophy that you don’t agree with did you find the most interesting?

I found myself disagreeing with relativism, but finding it very interesting. The biggest compliant that I have about relativism, is that the society has people from other societies and people that don’t agree with the consensus. There are people within the society that don’t agree with others.  I do find it interesting that it is true that there are groups of people that believe that same thing, which is what relativism is all about.


3. What are the three philosophies that you see most utilized by our culture? How so?

The three that I see the most are divine command, altruism and self interest, and utilitarianism. I think that divine command is obviously present because there are countless religions out there and everyone that believes in said religion goes about using the same moral code i.e. Christianity and the ten commandments. Altruism is in our culture because it is a success driven world. Every man for himself to become the best there is and ever was. Money and power are lusted over and everyone wants at least a bit. Lastly, utilitarianism is in the culture because it is how ourgovernment works (for the most part). America is a global powerhouse and restrains other countries for the world to not be in a nuclear war.